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The ultimate hide IP address software. Find out how to hide your IP address easily.
Hiding your real IP address is the only technique that can help you protect your identity while browsing the web. By using Hide-IP-Browser you can surf any Web Site, Web-based Email services, Newsgroups, Web Blogs and Forums using a different IP address.

» 3 Easy Steps: 1 Select a new IP from a Different Country or Location 2 SET! 3 GO!

How it Works?

Hide-IP-Browser protects your identity by replacing your real IP address with a different one. You will appear to access the internet from a different location, not your own. Your real location is never revealed.
We are using proxies from different countries to hide your IP address. A partial country list from where you can get a new IP address is this: United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Canada, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, and many more.

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How much Costs?

Hide-IP-Browser uses high quality proxy services, so it is subscription based. You can purchase one the following packages.
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- 1 year subscription - $99.95
- 2 year subscription - $129.95
- 3 year subscription - $139.95 (Best Value)

Hide your IP address for as low as $3.89/month (if you subscribe for 3 years). For the online payment authorization you will be redirected to MyCommerce - the Company which processes Hide-IP-Browser online orders.
All major cards are accepted.

What are the Guarantees?

The license is delivered by email as soon as your order is processed. You are granted one license per purchase. We provide free updates regularly. The list of proxies / countries / locations is updated weekly.

Should you feel that the Hide-IP-Browser doesn't function as advertised (does not hide your IP address when browsing the web), we will refund your money. Before applying for a refund, we suggest to contact the support team who will provide you assistance in solving the problem.
Refund request can be applied within 30 days following the purchase. We strongly suggest using the trial versions of Hide-IP-Browser before making the purchase. During the trial period, all features are active.